Step up to the ultimate in universal remotes. Experience a new standard in simplicity with even the most complex components. With just one touch you can start watching, listening or playing. And you’ll be proud to display the Harmony 1000’s sleek brushed aluminum and iconic color LCD.

This remote can control up to 15 components including all your Home Theater devices, lights and even appliances.

It has a 3.5″ color touchscreen and a charging station so you don’t need batteries.


Setup is easy just plug it in to your USB port on your computer and walk right through initial setup or adding equipment, through its 175,000-device database. The price is alittle steep at $499 but check their site at,en
for some more reasonable priced units.


belkin-transfer-cable.jpgHave you purchases a new computer lately and want to transfer your old data to the new computer, This little wonder is worth its price in gold. There available everywhere for around $30. If your buying a new Dell its offered on their site.

Moving files and settings between computers is scary enough, but moving them between operating systems? That’s REALLY scary! Luckily, for the advent of the new Windows Vista PCs, Belkin has the answer. The Easy Transfer Cable for Windows Vista gives you an efficient, simple way of moving your files and settings from your old Windows XP PC to your new Windows Vista PC.

Connect each end of the generous 8-foot cable to the USB ports on both computers. The Windows Easy Transfer Wizard automatically appears and lets you select some or all items to copy. With a couple of clicks, your photos, music, settings and more transfer easily and cleanly without complications, CD-burning, and having to build a network connection. This is also the ideal mobile solution for copying files to and from your notebook for moving between home and work PCs.

Belkin includes FREE file-synchronization software. With “One-Click,” PCsync software automatically synchronizes files, folders, music, photos, video—and much more—between your PCs.

The Windows Easy Transfer Wizard automatically appears and lets you select some—or all—items to copy.

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belkin-desk-hub.jpgI can’t believe nobody has thought of this before. I picked up 2 of these bad boys over the weeked and drilled an extra hole in my desk, This is a great little gadget. Tiger Direct has them for $19.95 or its available anywhere Belkin products are sold. Nearly all your mobile gadgets plug in to your computer through USB. The Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub presents four angled ports for the quickest way to plug in cameras and flash drives or external hard drives while saving your invaluable computer-desk space. The Hub easily fits into a 3-inch-round opening on your desk or other surface, and connects directly to your computer with the included USB cable.

Package Includes . Front-Access In-Desk USB Hub . Mounting Ring . Power Adapter . USB 2.0 Cable . User Manual

Fits in a 3″ grommet hole on your desk
Transfers files at speeds of up to 480Mbps
Works seamlessly with all your USB 1.1 and USB 2.0 devices
Connects up to 4 high-, full-, or low-speed devices
Installs with Plug-and-Play ease

Note: If your desk does not have a pre-drilled hole in it, you can drill one yourself using a 3-inch hole saw


multimedia-2.pngAre you tired of that darn cord connecting you head to your iPod now you can cut the cord and go wireless with the Logitech FreePulse Wireless Headphones. They use Bluetooth technology and the sound quality is better than most wireless units.Theres a power switch and volume control with Bass Boost on the right hand side. It also can be used with any player with a 3.5mm stereo jack.,en


video camLukWerks Outdoor Camera

Outdoor Camera Security
The WiLife Outdoor Camera Starter Kit includes all the components for a full-featured, single camera system with a weatherproof, outdoor camera. Each starter kit includes a smart Outdoor Camera, the powerful Werks Surveillance Software, and Free Remote Viewing Technology. WiLife automatically connects your outdoor cameras and PC.
Each Outdoor Starter Kit includes all the components needed to get started:


Intelligent Outdoor Camera

*High-resolution color video
*Digital motion detection
*Better than wireless—just plug it in

Easy to Use Werks PC Software

*Monitor up to six cameras simultaneously
*Motion-based video recording
*Powerful search and playback tools
*Email and cell phone alerts

Free Remote Viewing

* Internet browser accessible
* Windows Mobile® cell phone accessible
* Monitor your home or small business over the internet

We designed the outdoor camera surveillance system to allow homeowners, renters and small business owners to set up an entire system in less than 30 minutes. Using your Windows PC as the control center, you install a professional-grade system with no training, no long cables to run, and no complicated networks to configure. You simply need an electrical outlet to power the outdoor camera.

The also sell indoor cameras, spy cameras and night vision kits


monitor2.pngThe Q1 Ultra UMPC comes equipped with an integrated split-QWERTY keypad, mouse, user-defined function keys and an increased battery life of 4.5 hours.

“The ultra-mobile PC is a growing class of PCs that provide a more natural and intuitive experience for on-the-go use, and Samsung has taken the UMPC category to the next level with the Q1 Ultra,” said Rick Wong, vice president Asia region, OEM division at Microsoft. “As the UMPC platform and Origami Experience tablet software continues to grow and evolve, Microsoft is thrilled to work closely with Samsung to deliver innovative solutions that enable our customers to enhance their digital lifestyle.”

Q1 UltraThe Q1 Ultra UMPC features the new Intel Ultra Mobile Processor running at a clock speed of 600 or 800 MHz, along with 1 GB of high speed DDR2 system memory. The Q1 Ultra supports a minimum of 4.5 hours of continuous run time via the integrated Lithium Ion prismatic batteries. Use of the higher-density polymer batteries enables greater battery capacity in a smaller space, thereby leading towards a smaller overall form-factor. The Q1 Ultra includes integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR and the factory optional 3.5G HSDPA cellular modem. Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows XP Tablet Edition operating systems are supported, enabling full PC compatibility with all applications.

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battery-logo.jpgPowerSquid 5-Outlet Surge Suppressor By Power Sentry

Can be found on Amazon for $18.65

Power Squid 2

This little device is great to plug in all your wall warts or transformers to get them out of the way. Many old style power outlets only let you connect 1 or maybe 2, with this you can connect 5.

Its ingenious design and multi-purpose functionality makes Power Squid one of the most versatile power management devices available today. Features 5 outlets on flexible arms, to easily accommodate bulky adapters and awkward spaces-perfect for tight spots in the home, office or dorm that require power. Surge protector models provide the ultimate in reliability, featuring patented Power Blocker automatic shutdown technology to isolate connected equipment in case of a damaging power surge or outage.

540 Joules Protection
Power Blocker automatic shutdown
EMI/RFI noise filtration
Includes 3 foot power cord
$100,000 limited connected equipment warranty
Converts 1 Grounded Outlet to 5 Grounded “adapter-ready” Outlets
Multiplies outlets with more flexibility than a standard strip
Yellow lighted master switch with 15A circuit breaker
Designed especially for the do-it-yourselfer or light contractor



gears-2.pngiRobot Dirt Dog Workshop Robot

From the makers of the Roomba and the Scooba comes the Dirt Dog, this awesome little robot is for the garage or workshop.

Its roughly the same size, shape, and weight as iRobot’s popular Roomba, It has no vacuum and instead uses two powerful brushes, spinning at a 1,000 rpms, It also has a 20% larger dust bin to hold all that junk. iRobot officials said that it should have about an hour of cleaning life per charge. The listed price is $129.95

Dirtdog1iRobot Dirt Dog picks up what you throw down. Command it to clean and it gets to work sweeping under workbenches, cars and other hard-to-reach places. It picks up the nuts, bolts, dirt, and other debris from your shop floor. You’ve done enough; leave the cleaning to a robot. iRobot Dirt Dog’s oversized dust bin and high-speed, counter-rotating brushes keep your workspace clean. Use on hard floors, shop carpets or industrial floor surfaces only.


Sweeps up debris that clings to rough surfaces, saving you time

One button operation lets you walk away from the mess

Cleans under workbenches, cars and other hard-to-reach places

Oversized bin holds all the dirt and debris you leave behind


Sony Reader

Priced from $299 to $399

Sony reader 1

The reader has a revolutionary paper-like display.

Reading from the Sony® Reader is unlike reading from any other digital device you’ve ever seen. Its breakthrough electronic paper technology provides clarity and resolution that rival paper itself. The 6-inch screen is as easy to read in full daylight as indoors, and can be viewed from nearly any angle. Forgot your reading glasses? Enlarge text up to 200%. It’s the way on-screen reading was always meant to be – book-like.

Sony reader 2

Its as small as a paperback

Measuring 6.9” by 4.9” by .5”, the Sony® Reader is smaller than many paperbacks. And at less than 9 ounces, it’s light enough to travel with you wherever you go. Its rechargeable battery powers you through up to 7,500 page turns, so you’re ready for the long haul, and can be recharged in as little as 4 hours with the AC adapter.

The Sony® Reader holds up to 80 average-size eBooks at a time, so you can switch from pulp fiction to politics, sorcery to self-help with the click of a button. And if 80 eBooks aren’t enough, an optional MemoryStick storage media or SD card gives you room for hundreds more. Now that’s food for thought.

Acess thousands of titles.

The CONNECT™ Store puts thousands of eBook titles online. You’ll find all the latest bestsellers as well as a deep catalog of books in every category – fiction, non-fiction, business, self-help and more, with free first chapters available, plus author bios and reviews. Most titles cost less than their print versions, and CONNECT™ offers additional specials for even deeper savings.

Sony reader 3

It will also play more than just books.

Books are just the beginning for the Sony Reader. It also displays Adobe PDFs, personal documents, blogs, newsfeeds, and JPEGs with the same amazing readability, so you can take your favorite blogs and online newspapers with you. It even plays audio files.

How it Works.

What is E Ink® Technology?
The Sony Reader’s display uses E Ink – a significant improvement over CRT and LCD technology. Instead of rows of glowing cells, E Ink® microcapsules actually appear as either black or white depending on a positive or negative charge determined by the content. The result is a reading experience that’s similar to paper – high contrast, high resolution, viewable in direct sunlight and at a nearly 180-degree angle, and requiring no power to maintain the image. In other words, it’s a screen that, like you, is well read.


Display Panel 6 Inch “electronic paper” display

Resolution SVGA 800×600 Approx.170 Pixels Per Inch

Color 4-level grey-scale

Power SupplyRechargeable Lithium-ion Battery / AC adapter USB (Battery Recharge only)

Maximum battery life

Actual battery life may vary based on usage patterns Read 7,500 page with a single charge2

Battery charge time
(to 100% capacity) AC adapter: Approx. 4 hours
USB-cable: Approx. 6 hours

FormatBBeB Book / Adobe® PDF / JPEG / MP3

Supplied Accessories PC Management Software
Soft cover / USB cable / AC Power Adapter Dimensions8 Maximum

175.6 mm(H) x 123.6 mm(W) x 13.8 mm(D)
6.9 x 4.9 x 0.5 (inches)
Minimum Depth: 8.7mm / 0.34 inches

Weight8 250 g (Approx 8.8 oz, without Soft cover)


Apple TV front

Expand your Apple TV Capacity!
weaKnees the king of Tivo upgrades is at it again.

Replace the drive in your AppleTV with a 160 GB drive – four times the size. The installation process only takes a few minutes and then the AppleTV will re-synchronize with your iTunes to download all of your music, videos, and photos. The hard drive is fully prepared here. You simply use the included tools and instructions to remove the existing drive and install the new one! Now shipping internationally. Email for info.

Kits Include:

  • New 160 GB Seagate drive with 5 year Seagate warranty (six month WeaKnees warranty)
  • Torx T8 tool
  • Installation instructions with pictures
  • Phone, email, and forum support
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