Windows XP’s control panel is a very useful tool however there are so many options available its easy to loose track of the ones you use most so why not create a custom Control Panel with just your favorites. Here’s how.

  1. Open an Explorer window ( Start > My Computer) Choose My Documents.


  2. Click make a new folder.


  3. Name it what ever you want. I choose Kevins Control Panel.
  4. Right click your new folder and choose Properties. Click the Customize tab > Change Icon. Pick the Icon of your choice them click Ok.
  5. Open your new folder. (Leave this window open.)
  6. Click the Start then choose Control Panel.
  7. Click switch to Classic view.


  8. Now left click items in the Control Panel you want and drag them to your new folder.


  9. When you’re finished drag your new folder to the Start Button, when the Menu appears drop the folder on the top area of the Menu.
  10. Now when you click the Start button you’re new Control Panel will be at the top of your Start Menu.


  11. And all you’re favorite Control Panel items will be in one easy to find place.



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