sunny With summer here the great outdoors calls and it pays to be prepared for emergencies or disasters. The 6-in-1 PSD is a hand held crank-powered Personal Safety Device designed to be used at home at work at school or when out camping, hiking or backpacking in the woods or just braving the city streets. Get it at Amazon for about $18.00

The 6-in-1 PSD incorporates six of the most important tools you will need in an emergency or disaster with the functionality of a radio cell phone charger flashlight emergency flashers siren and compass that can also be used everyday.Super Bright 5 LED Flashlight- Never be in the dark when the power goes out. Cell Phone Charger- Never have a dead cell phone battery again. Emergency FM Radio- Listen to emergency reports or simply enjoy music everyday. Signal Flasher- Signal for help and be seen for up to 1/2 mile away. 130 Decibel Emergency Siren- Ward off intruders or signal for help. Directional Compass- Find your way to safety or notify rescuers of your location.


Safetycross 2

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