book PC vendors often customize the System Properties screen to show off their logo and to add support info you can readily see,but if you built your own computer or build them for other people you can customize your System Properties screen to show your logo and support information or anything else you want. Here’s how.

To Create the Logo:

  1. Fire up your favorite photo editing program and create a 180 x 114 pixel image.
  2. Customize it however you like, add a graphic, text or whatever.
  3. Name it oemlogo.bmp Make sure you save it as a .bmp and not anything else.
  4. Save it in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder.

To create the Support information:

  1. Create a new Notepad file in the same folder.
  2. Name it oeminfo.ini make sure the extension is .ini and not .txt
  3. Using the below format write anything you want after the = sign.


[Support Information]

If you need to add an extra line just type line3= then your message. (make sure you save the file as an .ini or this won’t work.

Here is an example:


shot 1


shot 2

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