Mark Jeffrey, one of the original Podcast novelists is coming back to the podosphere in announcing he will podcast the second novel in the Max Quick series starting May 1st.. If you haven’t listened to book 1 The Pocket and the Pendant yet check it out here

WHEN TIME mysteriously stops, young Max Quick must travel across America to find the source of this ‘temporal disaster’… Along the way, he and his companions encounter ancient mysteries, quantum Books, and clues to the riddle of stopped Time. But the more Max learns, the more it seems that his own true identity is not what he once believed…Its a young adult novel that adults love to read.

Pocket Pendant Two Travelers

Book 2 is titled The Two Travelers, In this sequel to ‘The Pocket and the Pendant’, five quiet years have passed for Max Quick, Casey Cole, Ian Keating and Sasha Fwa. Yet Starland, California is no longer safe. When they find Enki homeless and crazed in the Food Universe parking lot, he babbles an incoherent warning and then escapes through the Pyramid of the Arches. Worried that Enki doesn’t seem to be himself, Casey and Sasha follow. Meanwhile, Max and Ian go through another Arch back to 1912, where a mysterious Machine is under construction that could shed light on Max’s unremembered past and importance.

Listen to the Promo for Max Quick 2


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