If you’re looking for a good TV listing service and a way to stream your favorite shows that you may have missed when they were broadcast check out meeVee.com

After creating a free account they ask for quite a bit info on what like to watch and your favorite stars in order to give you a personalized experience. Check out your favorite show and see episode descriptions and reviews and search for new shows to watch. If you like watching TV give this site a try.


MeeVee is the first destination to bring together traditional TV listings and online video from hundreds of sources in one place. Using innovative new technologies, MeeVee has changed the way viewers find TV programming and online video by enabling them to personalize their guides to surface new programming choices based on individual interests.

MeeVee is built upon an award-winning personalized navigation system and patented metadata generation technology – resulting in the most powerful and comprehensive television search and personalization service for multiple platforms (e.g., PC, TV, DVR, Set-Top Boxes and mobile devices).

MeeVee’s approach to TV programming search and discovery is an important part of the future of television based on its innovative capabilities for promoting increased consumer access to entertainment content and greater control over viewing habits. MeeVee can help viewers find programming and original content, from new sources such as IPTV and other Internet-based broadcasts. Complete with alerts, customized TV listings, and program planning and recommendations, MeeVee’s robust search capabilities, customized TV planning and personal recommendation tools are available direct to the consumer or to third-party content providers via our syndication solutions. (from their site)

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