edit Here are the top read posts for the month of January 2008, in case your interested in seeing what’s popular at Kevinscrate. Ok, I’ll come clean. With the Superbowl today I don’t have much time. I gotta cut the grass then relax and enjoy the game. See ya later.


  1. Find Missing Album Artwork for iTunes With iTunes Art Importer
  2. Falling Sand Game
  3. Add Album Art To Any Music Folder
  4. Unhide Operating System files And File Extensions in XP
  5. Google Hack For finding MP3 songs
  6. Streaming Music On Demand With Dreeze
  7. Change My Computer’s Default View To Folder List
  8. Stop A Forced Reboot After A Windows Update
  9. Adjust The Size And Spacing Of Your Desktop Icons
  10. The Pub Mini Beer Keg Dispenser
  11. Create Icons To Shutdown,Logoff Or Reboot Your Computer With 1 Click
  12. Use The Fake Name Generator To Create An Online Fake Identity
  13. Crack Windows XP Passwords with Offline NT Password Editor
  14. Dual Booting Windows XP and Vista, An Install Guide
  15. OS X Like Dock On Windows
  16. Joke Of The Week: Expressions of Mr P.P. Head
  17. Enable Or Disable Fast User Switching
  18. How To Avoid Reactivating XP After A Reinstall
  19. ImgBurn a free CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray burning application
  20. Sync Toy From Microsoft Updated To v2.0


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