desktop Everyone’s seen them before the dreaded BSOD (Blue Screen Of Death) Hopefully they don’t happen too often. But did you know that you can change the background color and the text color, so if you wanted you could have RSOD (Red Screen Of Death) or a GSOD (Green Screen Of Death) or many other colors.


Here’s how: First create a System Restore Point

  1. Open My computer and navigate to the folder where you have Windows installed (Normally C: Windows)
  2. Scroll down to you find system.ini2
  3. Right click system.ini and choose open with > notepad.Change the BSOD
  4. Look in the [386enh] section for the following text.MessageBackColor=

    If there not in there go ahead and add them.
    Here are the color codes to use after the = sign

    0 = black
    1 = blue
    2 = green
    3 = cyan
    4 = red
    5 = magenta
    6 = yellow/brown
    7 = white
    8 = gray
    9 = bright blue
    A = bright green
    B = bright cyan
    C = bright red
    D = bright magenta

    EXAMPLES:MessageBackColor=C Background color will be bright red.
    MessageTextColor=2 Text color will be green.

  5. Save the system.ini file to the same location as you opened it from.
  6. Restart your computer, and wait for the next crash.

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