edit Windows XP let you Pin a Program to your Start Menu for quick access. Just right click the program and choose Pin to Start Menu. But you can’t Pin a folder to the Start Menu unless you edit the Registry. If your ready here’s how.

  1. First backup your Registry before you make any changes. Creating a System Restore Point will work.
  2. Click the Start button then Run, and type regedit.exe
  3. Navigate to the following location.
    HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT \ Folder \ shellex \ ContextMenuHandlers
  4. Right click ContextMenuHandlers and choose New > Key
  5. Right click the New Key and choose rename.
  6. Rename the key {a2a9545d-a0c2-42b4-9708-a0b2badd77c8} Be sure to leave the Data vale to Not Set.
  7. Close the Registry editor.

Now when you want to Pin a Folder to the Start Menu, press and hold the SHIFT key down, and then right-click a folder and choose Pin to Start Menu.


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