error 3 Isn’t it bad enough when your computer programs crash, freeze or just becomes unstable requiring you to restart them. Then a new window pops up asking you to send an error report to Microsoft. Now I don’t know useful this is because I’ve been sending them for years and never got any feedback until recently when I found out about the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis (MOCA) Web site here you can track the reports you sent in. You will need a Windows Live ID or a Microsoft Passport to use this site. It may be worth it to give this a try.

How to track your error report

Depending on the source of the error, Windows XP might display the Microsoft Online Crash Analysis (MOCA) Web site after you submit an error report. In most cases, MOCA will show you a detailed description of the type of error that you experienced. Depending on the specific error, it might even suggest a way to prevent it from happening in the future. For example, if you experience an error while using Microsoft Office XP and choose to send the error report, MOCA will analyze it. If MOCA determines that the error was caused by a problem that was resolved with Office XP Service Pack 2, MOCA will provide a link to the Office Update Web site.

How it works

If you experience a blue screen crash event, or Stop error, while using Microsoft Windows XP, you can upload the error report to our site for analysis.

What to expect

Microsoft actively analyzes all error reports and prioritizes them based on the number of customers affected by the Stop error covered in the error report. We will try to determine the cause of the Stop error you submit, categorize it according to the type of issue encountered, and send you relevant information when such information is identified. You can check the status of your error report for 180 days after the date it was originally reported. However, because error reports do not always contain enough information to positively identify the source of the issue, we might need to collect a number of similar error reports from other customers before a pattern is discovered, or follow up with you further to gather additional information. Furthermore, some error reports might require additional resources (such as a hardware debugger or a live debugger session) before a solution can be found. Although we might not be able to provide a solution for your particular Stop error, all information submitted is used to further improve the quality and reliability of Windows.




To view analysis information or to track your error report, you must be running Internet Explorer 5 or greater, Netscape version 6 or greater, Opera version 7 or greater or Mozilla version 1.3 or greater. To download the latest version of Internet Explorer, visit the Microsoft Web site. To get a Passport, visit the Microsoft Passport Web site.

The Microsoft Online Crash Analysis Web service requires that both JavaScript and cookies are enabled in your browser in order to retain and display your customer data while navigating through the site. JavaScript is used to create dynamic content on the Web pages. All cookies used by the MOCA service are memory cookies and expire when you navigate away from the MOCA site or close your browser. This information is used by our service to retain your preferences while using the site. No personal information is written to your hard drive or shared outside of our service.

Microsoft Passport or a Windows Live ID also requires JavaScript support and cookies. To find out more about the Microsoft Passport service and requirements, visit the Microsoft Passport Web site.

(From the MS website)

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