Another amazing Gadget from the Crate. This week check out the Bed Fan 

Bed Fan

The Bedfan cooling system’s innovative design removes the heat that is generated by your body and gets trapped beneath your bed sheets. This unique system enables you to sleep much cooler at night and at the same time save you money  on air conditioning cost. The Bedfan has also proven to be very successful at stopping night sweats due to menopause, Andropause, diseases or medications. The Bedfan will help hot sleepers regardless of reason.

The Bedfan’s ® patent pending cooling system has an adjustable speed dial and high performance dual fans that allow you to control the breeze that starts at the foot of your bed and moves up the sides of your body for instant relief. Create your own cool zone with the Bedfan® today and get a peaceful night’s sleep tonight and every night.