folder_documents When you click My Computer on your desktop you can see your drives on the right side and some options and details on the left side.


But you can also view it in a folder view that makes it easier to move or copy files around between different drives or folders, all you need to do is click the Folders tab in the toolbar to change the view.


If you like the Folder view and would like to set it as the default do the following.

  1. Click My Computer to open it. Then click Tools > Folder Options


  2. Click the File Types tab. Then in the list of file types, highlight (NONE) Folders and click the Advanced button.


  3. In the Actions box, highlight “Explore” Then click Set Default. Click Ok twice. Now the next time you open My Computer it will open in the Folder view. To change it back follow the same steps and choose open then click Set Default.