keg2 Here’s a great gift for the Beer lover in the family.

The A truly portable kegerator, the Avanti MBD5L Mini Pub can be used in the home, boat, RV or camper to cool and dispense beer straight from the tap. This compact beer dispenser is designed to hold any standard 5-liter mini keg ( 1 Liter is about 1.3 gallons) and comes with both AC and DC power adapters. A digital display allows for easy adjustment and monitoring of temperature settings, while a thermoelectric system provides ultra-quiet cooling. The Price is an affordable $227.00

Mini Pub Keg

Standard Features include:

  • Color: Stainless Steel
  • Ideal for Use in the Home, Boat or RV
  • Uses All Standard 5-Liter Mini Beer Kegs (Not Included)
  • Digital Display for Temperature Settings (C/F)
  • CO2 Pressure Regulator
  • Three 16-Gram CO2 Cartridges Included (Enough to Dispense 3 or More 5-L Kegs)
  • Tapping and Cleaning Kits Included
  • Lightweight for Easy Portability
  • Thermoelectric Technology
  • Soft Interior Lighting with On/Off Switch
  • Can Accommodate a Larger (340-Gram) CO2 Cylinder (Enough to Dispense Up to 20 Kegs)

Dimensions & Specifications:

    Height: 14 3/4″
    Height (w/Accessories): 17″
    Width: 15 1/4″
    Depth: 10 1/4″
    Depth (w/Accessories): 15″
    Weight: 15 lbs.
    Electrical: 120 V AC/12 V DC

    (Note: Check your favorite local beverage distributor to see if they can get the 5 liter mini kegs before you buy this. Mine said no problem as long as I ordered a few at a time, and he was going to try to sell these at his store.)