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  1. Im not sure about yorkies saleificpcly but I do know that housebreaking a puppy is a full time job for a while and then all the patience is worth it. I suggest crate training. I know you said you have a crate for her to sleep in but unless you are activlely playing with her or holding her she should be in the crate. You can bring the crate in to what ever room you are in at the time. She needs a to be in that small area because dogs will tend to avoid going to the bathroom in the same spot that they sleep in. When you do take her out of the crate, take her directly to the bathroom. If she doesn’t go, put her back in the crate. It might sound mean to keep her in the crate that much but I promise it is a very successful way to potty train. Also, puppies are comforted by being in a small secure space, especially small dogs that can be intimidated as puppies by open busy spaces. Good Luck! ( check out puppies for dummies or house breaking for dummies they helped me a lot with training my cavalier king charles.)

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