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helpindex Are you looking for a quick way to view your computers system information in one handy place. Check out what you’ll get with this handy tip.

Host Name System Up Time Time Zone
OS Name System Manufacturer Total Physical Memory
OS Version System Model Available Physical Memory
OS Manufacturer System Type Virtual Memory: Max Size
OS configuration Processors Virtual Memory: Available
OS Build Type Bios Version Virtual Memory: In Use
Registered Owner Windows Directory Page File Location
Registered Organization System Directory Domain
Product ID Boot Device Logon On Server
Original Install Date System Locale Hotfixs and Network Cards

1. Select Start > Run
2. In the Open: box type cmd and click OK
3. At the command prompt type systeminfo and press Enter

To see Screen shots for the process, Click the Read the rest of this entry link.

1. Select Start > Run


2. In the Open: box type cmd and click OK

3. At the command prompt type systeminfo and press Enter.



  2 Responses to “Quickly View Your System Information”

  1. Nice. I see that I can add a few switches. I tried /FO CSV and was able to get a csv format in the command prompt. I tried systeminfo /FO CSV C:\test.csv and no go. Also tried the file name in quotes. I suppose I could copy and paste to a text file, but is there a way to have the output go direct to a file?

  2. @ Jerry, To be honest I only use it as a quick check. I normally use SIW for a more detailed view. You can check out my post at

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