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Hak5 is the Internet Television show for the hacker, modder, and do-it-yourself. With high quality tech entertainment and all things hack and mod. You’ll find yourself breaking out the soldering iron with Wess Tobler or yielding networks (in)secure with Darren Kitchen. So join the gang on the 5th of each month for an engaging hour of technology and geek humor.

Created by co-hosts Darren Kitchen, Wess Tobler and Alanna Buehring in 2005, Hak.5 is a television show for geek’s, hackers, and do-it-yourselfers distributed online. Inspired by former Tech TV’s The Screen Savers (1998-2005), Hak.5 started as an underground attempt to bring back tech entertainment. Within its first few months on air the show had become a hit among tech enthusiasts while mainstream media had begun to notice the booming Internet television world. Since then Hak.5 has appeared on G4TechTV’s Call for Help with Leo Laporte and Torrent with Amber MacArthur and Matt Harris, as well as in Wired Magazine, PC Format Magazine, the Computer America Radio show, the TWiT podcast, and even Adventures of Superman.
The show is known for its high production quality and independence from a studio or channel sponsor.

Hak.5 broadcasts on the fifth of each month in XviD, iPod, Windows Media Video formats. The show is distributed via RSS, iTunes, YouTube, and Veoh. During the two month off season for Hak.5, there are plans on shooting an RC1 of Hak.5 Live.

Definitely worthy of a download.