Here’s a cool gift for the little scientist in your family.

Say goodbye to normal magnifiers! With the Jakks EyeClops Bionic Eye hand-held device, kids can view everyday objects at 200 times their regular size. Recommended for kids ages six and up, the EyeClops creates hours of endless play and exploration that’s fun for the entire family. Available at Amazon for $50.00

Jakks Eye

Much more fun than a microscope, the EyeClops transforms any television into an interactive TV toy. With the EyeClops, the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Magnified to 200 times the normal size and viewed on any TV screen, minuscule salt crystals morph into blocks of ice; hair and carpet turn into giant noodles; and small insects become fearsome creatures. The Bionic Eye has three built-in LED lights so kids can illuminate any object, including their own skin.

Kids love using the TV along with this educational device to share a new activity with their friends. Parents too can join in the fun and will love how their children learn and play. So you don’t have to touch everything you look at, the toy comes with an observation dish and tube, perfect for viewing liquids, salt, and bugs. The battery-powered device is simple to use, plugging directly into the A/V jacks found on any current TV model. The brightly colored, hard plastic device is child-safe and stands up to hours of scientific exploration. The EyeClops requires five AA