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Last week Google updated Google Earth to include the Sky above you and it looks like they also included a unpublished Flight Simulator, you can take off and fly around the world. You need version # 4.2.0180 you can get it here http://earth.google.com/sky/index.html

It work on Windows Mac and Linux. To get the Flight Sim working for the first time Open Google Earth the press Ctrl+Alt+A for windows for Mac Command+Option+A

They only include 2 aircraft now a F-16 and a SR-22 and only a few airports to take off from but its a cool start. Here’s a look at the takeoff screen.


After you run the Flight Simulator for the first time you can restart it by starting Google Earth then go to Tools > Enter Flight Simulator

Here are the keyboard shortcuts


Google keyboard shortcuts

And another screen shot.


Update 9-3-07 Here’s a video from the  Google Earth Blog 

Update 9-1-07 Here’s a video of it in action by Eric S. over at http://www.insidedesign.info/blog/

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  1. Check out this YouTube video on the Google Earth Flight Sim:

  2. @ Eric, Nice video, I’ll add it to my site.

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