This is another program in the free Microsoft PowerToys library. It allows you to run up to 4 individual desktops at once, each with different programs running, different wallpapers and easily switch between them. You can download it from Microsoft here.


After you download and install it here’s how to get it setup. Right click an empty space on your toolbar and choose > Toolbar > Desktop Manager.


Now you will see the MSVDM tab (Microsoft Virtual Desktop Manager)


Right click anywhere inside the MSVDM tab to access the configuration screens.


Choose > Configure Desktop Images, and you can setup different Wallpapers for each Desktop.


Click the Shortcut tab if you want to assign a keyboard shortcut to launch each Desktop. When your finished click Ok.


To see all the Desktops at once click the Green checkerboard icon, or if you know which one you want click the number and your Desktops will switch.