Here’s a neat little gadget for hurricane season, a flashlight that doesn’t need battery’s just pull the cord a few times and you get light, it will also charge your cell phone. Check it out Here $30.00

(From their site)You will never need to purchase another flashlight or batteries again. This amazingly brilliant and powerful LED flashlight provides you with enough light for just about any emergency situation when fully charged. Two quick pulls on the line at the bottom of the unit, and you have light for minutes on end. This isn’t like the clumsy shake lights or others where you have to sit there and wind the unit again and again. Pull twice and you have a powerful flashlight for minutes and minutes. Unlike the crank lights, the zipping action of the Ultra Power Zipping LED Forever Flashlight causes the coils to continue to rotate and generate power after you are finished doing the work. This system generates more power faster than the cranking system. Give yourself peace of mind in emergency situations with the Ultra Power Zipping LED Forever Flashlight.

 Check out the video.