Crescent Following in the footsteps of Tee Morris, Scott Sigler , J.C Hutchins and Seth Harwood, Phil Rossi explodes on the scene with Cresent a podcast only novel. This podcast is part Babylon 5, part Firefly, and part Blade Runner… only darker.” say’s Tee Morris. Visit Phil’s site at You can listen on his site or click what is a podcast for more downloading options. Its available on iTunes and and is well worth the download, Just like with Sigler I can’t wait for each episode.

Crescent is dark science fiction at it’s most visceral. Phil Rossi weaves a tale that is reminiscent of old school Stephen King but with a shiny, new set of tricks and an appetite to terrify. There’s sex. There’s corruption. There’s horror. And after you sweat your way through the first chapter, there’s plenty more to keep you awake at night.

Some places are far darker than deep space. Places where the shadows smile. Where men go mad and lovers go missing. These stygian corners of existence are where reality is stretched thin and something hungry is waiting just outside the corner of your eye.