All you need to do is hook it up to your cable box, satellite receiver or digital video recorder. Install the Sling Player software in your laptop or mobile device and you can watch and control your TV from anywhere in the world with a high speed Internet connection.

Lets say you’re on vacation in Florida and the Yankees are playing the big game in NY but its not on TV at your hotel, just fire up your Laptop, connect to your Slingbox at home and you’re watching the game by the pool.

The Slingbox family of products start at $99 and go up to $250 Check it out here.

The Slingbox PRO is the perfect companion for your home theater. The Slingbox PRO allows you to watch and control up to three standard definition and one high definition video devices anywhere you go. Using an Internet connected computer or mobile device, you can watch and control your home TV, DVR, basic cable, digital cable box, or satellite receiver around town or around the globe. With a Slingbox PRO you will never be separated from your favorite TV shows, sports broadcasts, breaking news stories, digital video recordings, or video on demand.


Using an Internet connected computer or compatible mobile phone (requires SlingPlayer? Mobile software), you can watch and control your home TV, DVR, digital cable box or satellite receiver anywhere around your home or around the globe.


PC Magazine has a great review Here .

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