The “Show Desktop” icon is a big help if you have many programs or windows open and want to quickly get to your desktop. It should show up as the first icon in your quick launch toolbar next to the Start Button.


Sometimes after a crash or many other reasons the “Show Desktop” icon goes missing. First make sure the Quick Launch toolbar is on . Right click in an empty area of the Taskbar and choose Toolbar – Quick Launch


If the Quick Launch tool bar is on lets move to the next step.

What you’ll need to do is create a file in Notepad and save it to where Show Desktop should be.


Go to Start – Run and type in “notepad” (without the quotes)


Click Ok to open Notepad then type in or copy and paste.



Next, save the file with the name “Show Desktop.scf” in the folder C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\ Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ Quick Launch. Your actual user account name goes where it says “username”.

The Show Desktop icon should reappear next to your Start button and you can close out Notepad.

  6 Responses to “How to Get Your "Show Desktop" Icon Back”

  1. This is exactly what I expected to find out after reading the title Get Your. Thanks for informative article

  2. Excellent, works under vista also.

    Its slightly differn’t though

    C: USERS > *YOUR USERNAME* > APP DATA (Might be hidden, you will have to choose to show hidden folders) > ROAMING > MICROSOFT > INTERNET EXPLORER > QUICK LAUNCH

    One side effect is that it uses the XP desktop icon instead of th vista one. I assum that is with the line ‘Iconfile=’

  3. Thanks Kevin much appreciated you sharing this info.
    Peace and Good surf Brian

  4. Kevin – thanks so much for this information. I use XP at work, and for some reason (I don’t remember how I did it) I managed to dump the “Show Desktop.scf” file onto my Desktop.

    I’m glad your tutorial included that awesome “2nd step” of instructing “WHERE TO PUT” the “Show Desktop” file once it’s created.

    It was that step that helped me since the file already existed– it was just stuck on my desktop.


  5. Many thanks – easy to follow and it worked first time. The internet works because people like you volunteer information and time like this.

  6. Thank you!

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