battery3.pngHow many times has this happened to you. You’re out on the road all day listening to your iPod or talking on the phone, pretty soon you notice only one bar left on the power meter and no charging cord or charging spot available. Good thing you have your handy myPower Go emergency power charger handy, hook it up and your Golden.

From their website. Tekkeon Available for about $15.00


myPower GO provides emergency power to popular mobile phones, plus many more small portable devices! Because myPower GO uses AA batteries, you’ll never be without power again – even on the road. And when connected to a USB port, myPower GO doubles as a battery charger for your rechargeable AA batteries.

myPower GO charges and powers portable device—anywhere, anytime—making it a versatile solution for the power needs of most of your mobile products, on the road, and at home. Most portable devices are often in need of recharging after a few hours of use. With myPower GO, you can enjoy hours of extended play time on your mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, digital cameras, iPod and MP3 players, portable CD players, Bluetooth headsets, and other small portable electronic products.

myPower GO comes with a handy tote, plus ten adapter tips for connection to:
Blackberry (mini USB)
Motorola mobile phones
Nokia mobile phones
Samsung mobile phones (most models)
Sony Ericsson mobile phones
iPod (using your own iPod USB cable)

Add-on adapters are available for Bluetooth headsets, digital cameras, other mobile phones, MP3 players, PDAs, portable games, and portable media players.