Is your hard drive space rapidly shrinking and you don’t know where itís all going. Then you need to try SequoiaView.

SequoiaView will show you what is taking up the most space on your drives in a most unusual way. instead of seeing your files in hierarchical folders this program gives you a graphical representation and lets you visualizing all your files at once as squares of different size, according to the size of the file. This way it is easy to spot files that take up the most disk space, even if they’re hidden deep in the directory tree. It also tells you the file and directory size.



Get it here. SequoiaView

Files and directories can be selected, inspected and opened, but can not be modified directly. Users can define different color schemes to facilitate identification of certain file types or load a ready-made color scheme from disk. Files can be filtered on name, size as well as creation, modification or last access date or any combination of these.

It is a small download of only 515kb and supports Windows 95 / 98 / ME / NT4 / 2000 / XP