lightning.pngIt seems like every program you install these days wants to run when you start your computer, is your system tray overflowing with icons. This can lead to system instability, low resources and generally sluggish computing experience. But all is not lost you can easily disable the unneeded ones with the System Configuration Utility or msconfig

To get to Msconfig

  1. Click Start- Run the type msconfig in the Run dialog box.


2. Click the Startup tab


Here you can see what processes are starting with your computer, some need to running but many can be safely disabled. You want your Anti-virus to start but do you really need iTunesHelper or QuickTime, hell no, all you have to do is remove the check mark next to the item you want to disable, if your not sure of a process just Google the name.

Then click apply and close then restart the computer. Nothing you disable in this section will prevent your computer from restarting and you can always enable it if you find something not working.

When your computer restarts you will see this screen. Put a check mark in the box and click Ok. Your computer will most likely startup much faster now.