harddrive-2.pngIf you’re like me you’ve come across this screen before. It mostly happens when your computer has been shut down improperly, maybe a power failure, a Blue screen of Death or the most likely cause, a stray Cosmic Particle slamming into your hard drive. What ever the cause Windows wants to check your hard drive for errors. Thatís Chkdskís sole job. Let it run its course.


I run this program monthly with my other utilities, and should be one of the first steps in troubleshooting a failing hard drive. Letís face it drives fail everyday and if your computer is more than a few years oldÖ well better have a good backup in place.

Hereís how to run Chkdsk from inside Windows.

  1. Open My computer
  2. Right click the C drive or any drive you want to check
  3. Choose Properties
  4. Click the tools tab
  5. Choose Check Now in the Error checking section
  6. In the box that pops-up put a check mark in both boxes
  7. Click Start Now

A message will pop up saying Error Checking will run after you restart the computer, you can do it now or wait till its bed time then reboot, a better choice because it will take awhile. Let it work while you sleep. If it encounters problems it will try to fix them.

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