mp3player2.pngIf you have an iPod you need to visit this site. They offer just about everything you could ask for reguarding the iPod, Here’s an excerpt for their about page. And don’t forget to download their free iPod book. is an independent provider of information about Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod digital media players, accessories, and related software, published online at Based in Irvine, California, the iLounge website is owned and operated by Dennis Lloyd’s company The Media LLC, and is not affiliated with Apple Computer or the manufacturers of iPod-related products. We do not make or sell iPod services or products.

Established as a domain only days after the October 23, 2001 announcement of the iPod, the iLounge site was originally built by Dennis Lloyd and HTML Guru Dennis Martin. Fully functional on November 16, 2001, the site has grown dramatically from its early days, hosting daily news updates, independent product reviews and editorial content, incredible discussion forums and photo galleries, software download and self-help pages.