rss1.png50 signs you’re a blogaholic

Are you addicted to blogging? You know you blog too much if…

I found This list at drop by his site to see the complete list.

  1. You have to turn back on your way to the airport because you forgot to “tell” your blog that you’re going away.
  2. You sneak off during a date to check your hit stats.
  3. You update Twitter about your life more than you actually live it. (Thanks Gina!)
  4. You think LSD is something to do with RSS or XML.
  5. Your family don’t call anymore, they just check your blog.
  6. You have daydreams about links from Boing Boing.
  7. You pray to Steve Pavlina.
  8. You eat blogging. You sleep blogging. You drink coffee.
  9. You think Nike should make a shirt that says “just blog it”.
  10. You would buy it if they did.