imac-2.pngcommandN is a weekly web news video production that covers technology trends online and offline. Our regular segments include

* headLINES: This section discusses all the latest news in technology, including product releases, announcements by companies like Google, Microsoft, and Apple.
* hotSTUFF: This section generally reviews or illustrates a how-to or use tutorial of a product, service or program.
* inSITE: This section features a web content, design or usability tip.
* spotLIGHT: In this section an interview is conducted with various people in the field of technology, web design, geek culture, or relevance to a technology trend.
* techTIP: This section features a short tip or tutorial to enhance and improve your technological experience regarding a specific topic (generally computers).
* webPICKS: In this section, Amber and Mike discuss an interesting website or freeware program.

CommandN is distributed in a variety of video formats: H.264, MPEG-4, .m4v (iPod Video), XVID, and .M4p (PSP format). As of May 1, 2006, CommandN no longer supported the .M4p format for space reasons.

The commandN team love technology and want to share that love with you! With each member bringing their own strengths and unique background to the show, commandN has garnered fans from geeks to grandmothers and beyond.

Our team is

* Amber MacArthur – In addition to hosting commandN and co-hosting/co-producing G4TechTV’s Call for Help (which airs in the US, Canada, and Australia), Amber is also a Web Content & Usability Strategist with OsmosisIA and other Toronto-based design firms. Prior to moving to Toronto, Amber worked as a Writer/Branding Strategist for Razorfish and was a Webby Awards judge in San Francisco. With a background in Journalism, Amber has been involved in television and radio productions in San Francisco, Boston, the Maritimes, and Toronto.

* Jeff MacArthur – On top of his regular segments on the show, Jeff is also in charge of Business Partnerships and Development for commandN. Jeff has worked for world-renowned technology entertainment firms such as Electronic Arts and Mainframe Entertainment (creators of Reboot), and has a rich background in management consulting, web development, and music. His educational credentials include courses at Vancouver Film School and graduate university programs in Computer Science (thesis: the Visualization of Music) and Business.

* Mike Lazazzera – Mike has a long history working in television, and is Technical Researcher and Guest Segment Producer on Call for Help and Gadgets and Gizmos. Mike co-hosts most episodes with Amber, in addition to bringing us his own entertaining segments from time to time.

* Brian McKechnie – Brian is certified on Final Cut Pro and has worked on short films, music videos, and a host of other work. As our resident video guru, Brian compiles, edits, and encodes commandN so that we can get you the goods.

Although the above four are the regular players in commandN, our team extends far beyond that. We’ve received a great deal of assistance with everything from camera work to hosting to graphics production and more. In fact, we see all our viewers as part of the commandN team too. They are the ones that keep commandN going and give us the
feedback and encouragement that makes us want to strive to create the best show possible!