Stunningly Original Photo-Animated Sci-Fi Thriller.

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Missing Pages is a 24-minute short shot entirely with a digital still camera and manipulated using a method dubbed “fotomation.” Jerome’s technique brings new perspective and depth to the mediums of photography and film, compelling viewers to perceive a narrative in a new way while enthralling with flashes of astonishing three-dimensional visuals, artful camera movement and incredible images. All of this takes the fascinating time-travel thriller at its center to the next level.

The story of Professor Tanokura, who develops a time machine only to find himself hunted by some of the most indelibly terrifying post-apocalyptic henchmen sci-fi has ever seen, captured the attention of, a popular site that specializes in linking to the World Wide Web’s most interesting offerings. Soon, internet users from around the world got their first glimpse of Jerome Olivier’s work. Combining edgy, adrenaline thrills with poignant drama, intelligent subtlety and the unique vision of a true artist, “Missing Pages” heralds Jerome Olivier a major talent on the rise.

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