Ask A Ninja

Ask A Ninja

Ask A Ninja is an award-winning series of comedy videos about the image of ninjas in popular culture available in podcast and vodcast form, as well as in mov and wmv file formats.

The series, created by Los Angeles improvisational comedians Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine, features a ninja who answers e-mails from “viewers” Ninja is known for his emphatic declarations, as well as his expansive, spontaneous, and often extremely exaggerated hand gestures (helpful in communicating his comedic intent, as one can only see his eyes). Ninja is also fond of using linguistic blends in his speech, particularly those involving the word “ninja” (“ninjelephant,” “ninternships,” “chickinjas,” “caninjas,” “minjas,” etc.).

Video editing is often used for emphasis, such as showing him doing the same throwing motion three times. It is also used to emphasize his mysterious ninja powers, which include the ability to adopt impenetrable disguises, and to make himself microscopically small (Ninjascopic). Recently the Ninja has begun to answer questions in a way that the asker did not intend. For example in “Ninja Dates” the question was asked, “What kind of dates do Ninjas go on?” The Ninja responded “You ask this as if ninjas stop on some dates. There is not a date on the calendar on which we do not go.” The episodes feature constant and erratic camera-angle changes. In Special Delivery 10: “Pop!Tech” the Ninja makes reference to this erratic editing, explaining that during the course of filming each episode he has 14 or 15 ninjas trying to kill him while he’s filming, so he has to edit all the ninjas out of it so that the episode does not consist solely of thrilling fight sequences.

Each episode usually ranges from two to three minutes, usually ending with Ninja’s signature remark to each questioner: “I look forward to killing you soon!” (or some variation thereof, usually relating to the episode e.g. ‘I look forward to playing through you soon!’). New episodes are usually released bi-weekly. Starting with Episode 23, “Ninternships”, the behind-the-scenes-team decided to have sponsors for their episodes.

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