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Broadband Reports

Broadband Reports was created by Justin Beech in June of 1999. Number 1 in google for search terms such as DSL, and BROADBAND, provides information and community on the subject of high-speed connections to home and office, voice over IP and other emerging communication technologies. We are available at as well as our original domain name of

Broadband Reports allows its users to submit reviews of their Internet service provider (ISP), Web Hosting Service, and Digital Phone service. Users may also read reviews written by others. Many large ISPs have over a thousand reviews on the site. Reviews may be filtered for the user’s location and/or connectivity preference.

The site is also a source of HSI (high speed Internet) related news. BBR’s editors post HSI-related news items on the site’s front page throughout the day. Common topics of news items and features include wireless technologies, peer-to-peer filesharing, upgrades and new offerings from high speed ISPs, and security issues.

Other site services include speed tests, line monitoring, tweak testing, and packet loss testing. Some of these services are provided free of charge, but others require the user to purchase “tool points