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Get Google Notebook [here]

1. Why would I want to use Google Notebook?

With Google Notebook, you can browse, clip, and organize information from across the web in a single online location that’s accessible from any computer. Planning a trip? Researching a product? Just add clippings to your notebook. You won’t ever have to leave your browser window.

2. How do I get started?

Simple. Just sign in to the Google Notebook homepage with your Google Accounts username and password, then download the Google Notebook browser extension (if you haven’t already). As soon as you restart your browser, you’ll see a Google Notebook icon in the bottom-right corner of your browser window. Click on this icon to open your mini Google Notebook, where you can save all the clips of content you want.

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Organize your notes.
Keep all your notes organized by creating multiple notebooks for different subjects or by dividing a single notebook into several sections. You can also easily rearrange your notes by dragging-and-dropping them from one section or notebook to another.

Add your own thoughts.
Click the “New note” button and start typing to add text notes to your notebook, or click the “Add comment” link within a note to add comments to clippings you’ve collected.

Search the full text of your notebooks.
Easily find any information in your notebooks using the search box at the top of the page.