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Cranky Geeks

CrankyGeeks is a technology-related Internet show produced by Ziff Davis Media centered on debating technology topics of the week. The debaters are usually other bloggers or tech journalists. It is hosted by industry pundit John C. Dvorak. West-coast editor of PC Magazine. Sebastian Rupley is on the panel of debaters and is commonly called the second “crank”. The show, produced by TechTV darling Annaliza Savage, premiered to viewers of DL.TV on March 15, 2006 and has since received its own website.

The show is similar to Dvorak’s old show, Silicon Spin.

It is streamed live weekly on Wednesdays at 3:30p.m. ET/12:30p.m. PT from the Ziff Davis office in San Francisco, California. In addition, it is also offered for download in multiple formats on a weekly basis.