gears-2.pngiRobot Dirt Dog Workshop Robot

From the makers of the Roomba and the Scooba comes the Dirt Dog, this awesome little robot is for the garage or workshop.

Its roughly the same size, shape, and weight as iRobot’s popular Roomba, It has no vacuum and instead uses two powerful brushes, spinning at a 1,000 rpms, It also has a 20% larger dust bin to hold all that junk. iRobot officials said that it should have about an hour of cleaning life per charge. The listed price is $129.95

Dirtdog1iRobot Dirt Dog picks up what you throw down. Command it to clean and it gets to work sweeping under workbenches, cars and other hard-to-reach places. It picks up the nuts, bolts, dirt, and other debris from your shop floor. You’ve done enough; leave the cleaning to a robot. iRobot Dirt Dog’s oversized dust bin and high-speed, counter-rotating brushes keep your workspace clean. Use on hard floors, shop carpets or industrial floor surfaces only.


Sweeps up debris that clings to rough surfaces, saving you time

One button operation lets you walk away from the mess

Cleans under workbenches, cars and other hard-to-reach places

Oversized bin holds all the dirt and debris you leave behind