Are your drives or partitions running out of space? The Recycle Bin routinely reserves 10% on your space for itself.

On a 500 gig drive thatís 50 gigís. Itís easy to change this to a more realistic value, and gain back some space. First check the Recycle Bin for important files then empty it.

Recycle Bin

You need to right-click the Recycle Bin icon on the desktop, and then choose Properties from the shortcut menu. You will see the Properties dialog box of the Recycle Bin.

The Properties dialog box contains a Global tab, plus a tab for each hard drive or partition on your system. If you want to change the maximum size setting for all the hard drives at once, set the new maximum size of the Recycle Bin (as a percentage of total drive space) by moving the slider on the Global tab. Then click OK. Skip the remaining steps.

You may want to reset the maximum Recycle Bin size for only a single hard drive, and leaving the others the same, you need to select the Configure Drives Independently radio button on the Global tab.

Click on the tab for the drive you want to change. Set the slider on that tab. Then click OK. Or if your real brave you can turn it off