Lab Rats Video Podcast.

Lab Rats

The Lab Rats is a video podcast geared mainly for the novice computer user but is very informative and well produced. Check them out. The episodes can be subscribed to on iTunes, downloaded or watched from their site. They offer 68 shows so far. Everthing from adding a hard drive to Voip.

Lab Rats is the brainchild of Sean Carruthers and Andy Walker. When the two technology journalists saw that podcasts were taking the Internet by storm they figure it couldn’t be that hard to make TV for the web. They were wrong. It was really hard, but after a month or so of messing about, they got to it and shot a pilot episode in Oct. 2005 called episode zero. Again they got it all wrong.

There were shadows and bad audio and a bad couch. So they begged TV genius Matt Harris, who produced Andy’s field segments while Andy co-hosted Call for Help, for some assistance. Harris, who is also the associate producer of Call for Help, said he’d help only if he didn’t miss the Bruins play, so the first episode was shot between periods of a Bruins game (which they lost), but Lab Rats was summarily born.

In the middle of all of this, Sony kindly chipped in a couple of cameras and Canon fixed Sean’s GL-1. Then Geo Perdis (see below), long time pal of Andy’s (both worked on years ago) offered lighting help and gear.

What more needs to be said. Want to see more Podcasts click below.