GeekBrief TV


GeekBrief.TV is a tech Video podcast from the folks at that explains and sometimes reviews new gadgets, websites, and toys. It was created by self-proclaimed geeks Luria Petrucci (aka Cali Lewis) and her husband Neal Campbell. It circles around the idea of a Geek Intelligence Agency (GIA) that provides knowledge to geeks everywhere. The shows average 5 minutes in lengh, the reason for GeekBrief.TV being so short is because, according to Cali, geeks don’t have time to hear an in depth report.

Geek Brief TV offers 2 formats; Large Format HD (Quicktime .mov files) and an iPod Friendly Format (iTunes .m4v files). Each format is available in a separate RSS feed or you can view it on the web from their site.

And as a added bonus Cali is a real looker.