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JUNKIES RULE! The planet will fall to ME!Ancestor Postcard

This is AMAZING, Junkies! Not only did ANCESTOR explode, but it dragged EARTHCORE along for the ride (yeah you can still buy, click on the ANCESTOR cover to grab a copy, slacker!)

AMAZON HORROR: Ancestor #1, EarthCore #2
AMAZON SCIFI: Ancetor #1, EarthCore #4
OVERALL: Ancestor, #7, EarthCore, #77

This is all because of YOU! Thank you, and I canít wait till we can do it again someday soon.

What more needs to be said.

UPDATE 4-2-07

You can also pick up a free PDF copy of the book here.†

As promised, Junkies, here is the full-length PDF of ANCESTOR. Take one down, pass it around – meaning, send this bad boy to anyone who might like the story. Tell them if they like it and want it in print, well, April 1 is one HECK of a good time to buy it on! Yeah, thereís links to do just that in the PDF. Yeah, on every page. Yes, itís all part of my evil plan.