The Black Viper is back online

Famous in the tech community for his excellent Windows XP Services Configuration Guide, and many others.

The Black Viper speaks again after almost a 2 year absence. Here is a quote from his site.

Black Viper is back! Yes, this is the “real” Black Viper. Soon, the world will know exactly what happened to me as well as many questions I am sure everyone has. Until then, here is some answers to questions that people may be asking themselves:

What happened to you?!?! Did you die in a car wreck? Go to jail?! Get Cancer?!?!

No, I did not. Even though I have searched several times on Google in the past (almost) two years as to what people thought happened to me, nobody but me actually knew the truth. In any case, if you have read any “stories” or forum posts, etc with regards to my “real” situation, it is false. Any other people claiming to be “Black Viper” wandering around the internet giving advice and such is also false. The people that know the “real me” also know that anything I would put publicly available will be on this domain. With the exception of a handful of posts on my old World of Warcraft guild forums, you will not find me posting anything anywhere else.

Will you update your site with Windows Vista information?

Yes, however… this will take time. I am starting to get back into the swing of things and plan on doing exactly what I did before: provide accurate information and opinions. I have used Vista for several months (I have a MSDN subscription) and will update everything as time allows.

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