Check out this site, looks to be a winner for finding info about our Government in action.. Kevin

OpenCongress brings together official government information with news and blog coverage to give you the real story behind what’s happening in Congress. Small groups of political insiders and lobbyists know what’s really going on in Congress. Now, everyone can be an insider. OpenCongress is a free, open-source, non-profit, and non-partisan web resource with a mission to help make Congress more transparent and to encourage civic engagement. OpenCongress is a joint project of the Sunlight Foundation and the Participatory Politics Foundation.

OpenCongress brings together, for the first time in one place, all the best data on what’s really happening in Congress:

  • Official information from Thomas, the website of the Library of Congress, made available by all the bills, Members of Congress, votes, committee reports, issue areas, and more.
  • News articles about Congress from Google News.
  • Blog posts about Congress from Technorati and Google Blog Search.
  • Campaign contribution information from, the website of the non-profit, non-partisan Center for Responsive Politics.

OpenCongress makes it easy for anyone to track a bill, Member of Congress, or issue area, and to follow the latest developments by subscribing to an RSS feed for each. Our Congress Gossip Blog highlights useful news and blog reporting every day from around the web, and solicits tips and link suggestions from political bloggers, citizen journalists, and the public. OpenCongress harnesses the valuable social wisdom available on the web, combined with features to track what’s hot in the news and what’s most buzzed-about on blogs, to give you a comprehensive snapshot of every bill and Member of Congress. Learn more About OpenCongress.