The falling sand game.

Extremely adictive !!!

The game involves four different particles falling from the top of the screen, which all look and move similar to sand. The particles resemble sand, water, salt, and oil in color. Along with these four, additional elements can be placed on the screen with the mouse, some that are solid and stationary instead of flowing. By mixing the different elements together, many colorful designs, complex structures, and systems can be created.

20 Questions.

See how long it takes to guess the answer. Sometimes it will amaze you.

Each 20Q game listed below has a unique theme and its own neural network. Some of the games are very young and still have a lot to learn. For instance, 20Q Movies and 20Q TV don’t know as much as the eighteen-year-old Classic 20Q. The newer games haven’t had as much experience and may make mistakes. The more times you play, the smarter they’ll get.